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Desabafo de um Moto Boy no Programa do Jô!

Desabafo de um moto boy no Programa do Jô.
Um relax no final de semana!

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Improve your english! She really didn´t mean that

A young wife had just seen her husband off to work and went upstairs to take a bath. As she was putting her foot in the water, she remembered that the gas stove was still burning in the kitchen.There was no one else in the house, so, without putting on her bathrobe, she went down to turn the gas off. As she was doing so, she heard footsteps coming to the back door.
She thought that it was the milkman. He used to bring the milk bootles right into the kitchen. So she dashed for the nearest door, which was the cupboard where they kept brooms and things. Just in time.
The back door opened and the footsteps came into the kitchen. But then to her horror the cupboard door was flung open. It was the gas man who had come to read the meter. It was difficult to think what to say. What she said was: “I´m so sorry. I was expecting the milkman.”

Isn´t it a funny story? 😉

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Como a tecnologia 3G pode ajudá-lo? Imagine outras!

Para finalizar a semana com uma pitada de humor.

Esta é uma das várias situações que o 3G pode fazer por você. Imagine tantas outras cômicas. 😉

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